Together, we can transform early childhood education.

We are a startup non-profit organization looking for a founding team to grow with our organization. Our aim is to transform the landscape of early childhood education in New Orleans. We are looking for forever learners who are excited to learn as much as their kids do! We believe that early childhood educators are engaged in critical work and offer competitive compensation.

Our Approach to Early Childhood Education

We know that early childhood sets the foundation for all future learning: 90% of the brain is fully formed before kids enter kindergarten. Research says developmentally appropriate, child-centered approaches are the best way to facilitate learning. We tailor the learning environment and activities to the interests and developmental needs of children. We believe that children are capable individuals who learn best through play and interaction with peers and caregivers.

Launching a year-long pilot in August including...

Early Learning Center: We will have two diverse classrooms of 3-4 year-olds located in the Homer Plessy Community School’s Tremé campus.

Parent Workshops: In partnership with a local hotel, we will facilitate weekly workshops at the job-site, for parents with children ages 0-5, aimed at empowering parents to be advocates for their children as they progress through schools.