Early Partners

Nurturing creativity and curiosity in young children.

Building the foundation for a more equitable future.

Early Partners is a non-profit, private early learning center located in the historic Lower Garden District of New Orleans. Students range from 1- to 5-years-old and reflect the vibrant New Orleans community in racial, ethnic, and socio-economic diversity. We partner with employers to provide priority enrollment to their employees as a workplace benefit.

We are open from 7:30am-5:30pm Monday-Friday. Our newly renovated 11,000 sqft facility, originally the city's first firehouse, is now home to 5 classrooms, and "The Great Hall," a large, open multi-purpose play-space. Outside spaces include two playgrounds, a toddler courtyard, and "The Wild Space," a huge open field ready for exploration.

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Dear Parents,

Early Partners was born out of the intersection between my life as an educator and working mom. As a career educator, I saw firsthand the importance of a strong foundation for learning. As a new mom, I discovered the vast body of research on the importance of early brain development.

We tried in-home childcare, traditional centers, and elite private preschools. We never found one place with a community aligned to our family values, consistent childcare for our two-working parent household, and the education that would help our children thrive.

Then I started Early Partners. Now, I'm grateful every day for my son's experience and the amazing community that we've built. I hope you'll learn more.


Kim Frusciante

Founder of Early Partners

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The Importance of Early Childhood

Brain Development

90% of the brain is formed before kindergarten, a sensitive period that sets the foundation for all future learning. What happens in early childhood matters! We treat our little learners with the care and respect they deserve.

Relationships Matter

Attachment with caregivers + consistent, quality experiences = positive development for kids. Our teachers start with love and respect for all children as a foundation learning.

Adults Impact Kids

Adults are better for kids when they are cared for themselves. We make sure our teachers are paid and treated as professionals, which lowers turnover, increases educational quality, and provides stable childcare so parents can focus at work.

What parents are saying about Early Partners...

"My daughter flourished in Early Partners' care--As a member of a diverse classroom community led by talented, qualified teachers, she grew academically, socially and emotionally. Her amazing teachers fostered a love of learning and curiosity about the world and the people in it.  She was excited to go to school every single day.  Early Partners laid a powerful foundation for my daughter's education; we are incredibly grateful."

- Camille Russ

"We are so thrilled to have our daughter be a part of such a creative, compassionate and diverse community that is Early Partners. Florence has created strong friendships with her classmates and is supported on every level by her teachers and administration. She is encouraged to pursue activities that she enjoys and is given the freedom to learn what interests her in a well-structured environment."

- Kelly Rayner & Mark Heck

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