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We view early childhood as a foundational period for both children and their parents. We envision a community where all children have access to high-quality early childhood education and all parents are powerful advocates for their children.


In Business: Nearly half of all Louisiana parents report regularly missing work because of childcare issues. Absences and turnover related to childcare cost Louisiana employers $816 million annually.

In Education: There are zero 5-star early learning centers in New Orleans. 40% of Louisiana Children start kindergarten behind. Annual turnover for childcare teachers is 40%.

Early Childhood is Critical: 90% of the brain is formed before kindergarten, a sensitive period that sets the foundation for all future learning.

Relationships Matter: Attachment with caregivers + consistent, quality experiences = positive development for kids. Support for caregivers increases frequency and quality of these experiences.

Care for Adults = Care for Kids: Stressed parents & teachers are less engaged in developmental experiences for children. Childcare-related stress also leads parents to be less productive at work.

What we do...

We believe that the path to a more equitable New Orleans starts with access to high-quality early childhood education. Early Partners is grounded in the latest research and is designed to replicate the best components of proven national models whose results include: long-term parental engagement in schools, improved school readiness, higher graduation rates, improved health outcomes, reduced crime rates and teen pregnancy, and a better prepared workforce for 21st century jobs. We believe that the work outlined below will have cascading effects on children's future educational and life outcomes.

Employer-Based Childcare

Early learning centers sponsored by employers provide care for a diverse group of children six-weeks to four-years-old near parents' workplaces.

Teachers as Professionals

Teachers have consistent instructional leadership, ongoing professional development & coaching, time for planning & collaboration, and competitive salaries.


Early Partners and parental employers coordinate calendar, hours, schedules, and work together to facilitate a shared vision for engagement, making life a little easier for working parents.

Parent-Family Engagement

We build community with other working parents, connect with resources, and gain knowledge. A blog and virtual platform enable two-way communication with teachers.