Research and experience tell us that children's development is impacted by the experiences of those closest to them, and being a working parent can be stressful. According to the Louisiana Policy Institute for Children, nearly half of all Louisiana parents report regularly missing work because of childcare issues. Absences and turnover related to childcare cost Louisiana employers $816 million annually.

Early Partners is here to make work, work for working parents.

Cost Effective, Employer-Sponsored Childcare

We leverage public dollars to support the workforce needs of your company. Our diverse-by-design model also allows us to internally subsidize many middle-income families who are not able to access public subsidies. By partnering with EP, your employees gain access to priority enrollment for their children, age 1- through 4-years-old with affordable tuition for every level of wage-earner.

Employer-sponsored childcare is a powerful tool for any company looking to increase employee engagement, recruit new employees, and become an employer of choice. We are more cost effective and high-quality than our corporate daycare competitors, while still providing a low-lift, turn-key model for you as an employer.


EP works with your company's HR department to survey and measure employee demand for childcare. From this data, we derive a number of contracted seats for your company. Your company pays an annual fee for access to these seats, and we do the rest.


EP comes onsite to build relationships with your employees and provide information about our program. We open enrollment to your employees before the general public and provide priority access to any vacant seats throughout the school-year. EP handles 100% of school-matters, leaving your company with all of the benefits and none of the work.


Employee productivity, engagement, and satisfaction increase with employer-sponsored childcare. From random encounters during morning drop off, to weekend playdates, to working side by side on a Family Volunteer Day, EP gives your employees opportunities outside of work to authentically connect and build community with one another.

Are you ready to see what Early Partners can do for your employees?